Activ Life LED Bike Wheel Lights (2 Pack)

You Save: $20.00 USD (44.45%)

Activ Life LED Bike Wheel Lights (2 Pack)

You Save: $20.00 USD (44.45%)
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Makes a Perfect Gift
Makes a Perfect Gift
Lifetime Warranty
Lifetime Warranty
Family Owned Business
Family Owned Business
Thousands of Verified Reviews
Thousands of Verified Reviews

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3 Modes - Switch from "On" to "Flashing" to "Off"

Fits More Tire Sizes - From 12" toddler tires all the way up to 29" adult tires

Increase Visibility at Night - Visible at 350 degrees so you and your loved ones are safer

Easy Installation - No Tools Required! We even provide an easy-to-follow installation video

Don't Settle for Low Quality - Activ Lites are Top Quality, Long-Lasting & Waterproof

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* Ships the same day and we have a 2-DAY SHIPPING policy. * If you have any problems regarding the product, we have a LIFETIME WARRANTY. Just contact us at (800) 406-4064 or email us at and we will be glad to replace them!

Customer Reviews

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Orange and pink

Amazing product. Thin wires encased in a metal casing. Still you must be careful not to crease the wire and break the inner connection. I have a mix drive e-bike, therefore my tire axles are small and the rubber straps worked great. 4” fat tires, I zigged zagged from edge to edge on the far tires.
But my wife's e-bike is a rear hub motor. A 4-5” hub axel. I had to zap-strap the battery pack to the hub.
Our bikes look great. Very visible from the side!

Shelby Pilon

I love how bright they are. They are very noticeable. I bought the multi colour pack thinking I could set it to what colours I want however, the only thing I can get the set to do is change between colours. This is fine but I was hoping to just be able to have fun with different colour combos. I was also a few spokes short of getting it to go around my tire. It says it fits all tires I have 36 spokes on both tires and came up 3 spokes short. Once you get moving it’s not noticeable though.

Not working

Just opened the box. They were a Christmas present. The one set of lights won’t turn off unless I unscrew the lid and the other set of lights don’t work at all. We tried fresh batteries and everything. I contacted support via messenger and am waiting for a reply. So far, not happy with the purchase.

Larry Huff
Fat Tire Highlight

Dope lights and easy to install

Broken out of box

One set was broken out of the box, tried multiple need batteries. How do I request a replacement?